Obedience Classes

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience Group Class is a 7 week course covering manners all good dogs need to know. These skills include walking on a loose leash, sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, come, heel, watch, and releasecommands. The first class is an orientation class going over chewing, digging, jumping, and nipping as well as instruction on how dogs learn.

The Group Class environment is preferred  when a dog is learning basic manners because it offers unique distractions and situations with humans and other dogs to help generalize your dog’s learning and enhance socialization skills. How to buy good high power laser pen  range is the most people concern.

Using the skills your dog develops in class, you can solve simple issue such as being too rough around the kids, jumping up on guests, and other dog behaviors that can make daily life unpleasant. Basic Obedience group classes are for dogs 16 weeks of age and up that are current on vaccines and all members of the family that are 8 years of age or older are encouraged to come to class!

Intermediate Obedience

The Furry Academy offers Intermediate Obedience to all Basic Class graduates, and to those students who have already achieved Basic Training on their own. These higher level classes build on skills learned in The Furry Academy Basic class, working them in real-life scenarios, and introduces new commands necessary in competition obedience, agility, freestyle, and most other canine activities.

Taught as group classes, Intermediate courses are held once weekly in one hour sessions over a 7 week time frame. Commands taught include weave, touch, front, heel work, stay with distance and distraction, automatic sit with heel, stand, off-leash heel, trick-training,  and heel patterns. Work with a clicker or word marker is also discussed and encouraged throughout upper levels of training.

Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience through The Furry Academy will enable you to take your Obedience training “to the next level” readying you for Therapy Work, Agility training, Rally, or any other avenue you wish to pursue with your dog. Advanced Obedience consists of 7 weeks of group instruction given in Dawson County. In these lessons you will learn how to build the team skills needed for Rally, and in practical life with your dog. Watch as the instructor shows step-by-step training on exercises (clicker training is encouraged). Class size is strictly limited to ensure dog and handler specific instruction and time.

Rally-O is the newest AKC Dog Obedience sport, a series of stations with signs tells you what to do at each stop. You are allowed to communicate with your dog in anyway you please that is not harsh, or touching the dog. The perfect bridge between CGC and Obedience Competition, Rally commands are also useful in Therapy Work and in Agility